Best Hacking Tools in Termux 2022


Hello friends, welcome all of you to our blog. Today we are going to learn how to use Tool-X in Termux. Tool-X is a script written in bash scripting which is used to install any tool in Termux.


What is Tool-X ?

Tool-X is a written bash scripting tool that you can easily clone from GitHub. You get 400+ packages in Tool-X which you can use to download in Termux. Tool-X is an open-source and free tool.

How to download Tool-X in Termux?

To install Tool-X in Termux, you have to follow all the commands given below.
First of all, you have to update and upgrade Termux, for which you have to use (
$ apt update && apt upgrade ) command.
After this you have to install Git package in Termux for which you can use (
$ apt install git ) command.
Now you have to install
Tool-X using the command ( $ git clone ).
After this you have to go to the
Tool-X directory using the command ($ cd Tool-X ).
Here you will get a file named install.aex, which you have to run using the command (
$ sh install.aex ).
Hurry! Your Tool-X has been successfully installed.

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