TBomb: Best Termux Bombing Tools

Hello friends, all of you are welcome on our blog, today I am going to tell you about Bombing Tools which you can use easily in Termux.

Best Termux Bombing Tools

What is Tbomb? How to use Tbomb in Termux?

Tbomb is a python3 module used to send spam messages to any phone number. To install Tbomb in Termux, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step-1: Download Termux from Termux.com/F droid.

Step-2: Update and upgrade the packages of Termux using ( $ apt update && apt upgrade ) command.

Step-3: After this you have to install Python3 in Termux with this ($apt install python3) command.

Step-4: Use this ($ pip3 install tbomb) command to download Tbomb module/tool.

Step-5: By typing tbomb in the Terminal of Termux, your tool will open. After the tool is open, you can easily do Bombing on any number.

What is YetAnotherSMSBomber Tool and how to download it in Termux?

YetAnotherSMSBomber Tool is an SMS bombing tool which is used to send multiple fake SMS to any mobile number. To download YetAnotherSMSBomber Tool in Termux, you have to use the commads given below.

$ apt update && apt upgrade

$ apt install git python

$ git clone https://github.com/AvinashReddy3108/YetAnotherSMSBomber.git

$ cd YetAnotherSMSBomber

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

$ python bomber.py -N 10 -C 91 9999999999

-N for Number of SMS

-C for Country Code

-h for help

What is XLR8_BOMBER. How to download XLR8_BOMBER in Termux?

XLR8_BOMBER is an SMS and Call bombing tool used for SMS and call spam. To download XLR8_BOMBER in Termux, you have to use the commands given below.

$ apt update && apt upgrade

$ apt install git

$ git clone https://github.com/khansaad1275/XLR8_BOMBER


$ bash xlr8.sh

After the tool is open, select 1 and enter any number and press Enter. Now SMS and Call Bombing will start.


In this article we have been told about Bombing Tools. These tools are used to send unlimited messages to anyone. If you like our blog then do share it with your friends also.

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