Botim App Review – Real or Fake

This blog post will provide a detailed review of the Botim App, a messaging and calling application similar to WhatsApp. We will cover its features, usage, and legal status in India.

Botim App is a messaging and communication platform that offers features such as texting, voice calls, video calls, and group creation, similar to WhatsApp. Users can connect with friends and family globally using this app.

Features of Botim App

  1. Chatting: Botim allows users to send instant text messages to their contacts, making communication quick and easy.
  2. Calling: The app provides voice call functionality, enabling users to make audio calls to other Botim users, free of cost over the internet.
  3. Video Calling: Botim offers high-quality video calling, allowing face-to-face conversations with friends and loved ones, even across different countries.
  4. Group Creation: Users can create groups on Botim and add multiple contacts, making it convenient for group discussions and coordination.
  5. File Sharing: Botim enables users to share various file types, such as photos, videos, documents, and more, enhancing the communication experience.

Legal Status in India

As of the current date, Botim App is not legal in India. Consequently, it is not available for download through official app stores in the country. However, some users choose to access the app by downloading its apk file from third-party sources. It is essential to note that using unofficial apk files can pose security risks, as the app’s authenticity and data privacy cannot be guaranteed.

Data Privacy Concerns

Due to its unauthorized status in India, using Botim App through unofficial means may expose users’ data to potential risks. It is advisable to refrain from using unauthorized apps to protect sensitive information and maintain data privacy.


In conclusion, Botim App offers similar features to WhatsApp, making it an attractive option for users seeking an alternative messaging platform. However, its current legal status in India and data privacy concerns make it essential to exercise caution while using the app. Until the app becomes legal and available through official channels, it is advisable to use authorized communication platforms to ensure the safety of personal data.

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