BruteX in Termux – Best Facebook, Instagram Hacking Tool

Hacking social media is not such an easy way. Some people thought that by using some tools we can hack anyone’s Instagram or Facebook but it is not true. You need to be clear about your target and need to gather a lot information as possible. Today I am with a new hacking tool called BruteX.

BruteX is a tool based on Bruteforce. Let’s take a look at Bruteforce. In my words ” Bruteforce is a method that checks a list of passwords for a specific user one by one and when the correct password is found it will show the password. ”

You can brute force your victim’s Instagram, Facebook, and email account with 100 passwords per second, you can add your own list of passwords, and this tool also has a password list, so if you don’t have your own password.

How to use Brutex in Termux? 

BruteX is one of the most famous bruteforce tools. You need to follow some commands to download BruteX in Termux.

$ apt update
$ apt upgrade
$ apt install git
$ git clone
$ cd BruteX
$ chmod +x *
$ bash
$ python3

Now you can see this video to know how to perform bruteforce on Instagram and Facebook.

I hope you all enjoyed this BruteX tutorial in Termux. If you want to download BruteX in Kali Linux then you can also use the same commands freely. Join our Telegram Channel for more amazing ethical hacking stuff.

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