How to use CAM dumper in Termux? | 📸 Camera Hacking Tool in Termux

Hacking a camera using a CAM dumper in Termux is very easy. We must focus on a few steps to install and use CAM Dumper in Termux.

CAM Dumper tool requires no plugins to work. It automatically opens a port and sets up Media Devices to get user media. Once the client receives the request, they should allow access from your server to their computer’s webcam and microphone. You might also need to add appropriate headers to your server response. The tool sends data to the port via TCP protocol to the IP address registered in the database.

In other words, CAM Dumper is a phishing tool used for camera Hacking. Phishing is a method in which hackers create a fake webpage to get access to anything from users. In this case, we want to access the user’s Camera so it will create some wishing pages and when the user clicks on the link and give permission to the camera then a lot of live pictures will be captured and a technique hacker hacked the user’s mobile phone camera.

CAM dumper installation in Termux

STEP-1: Update and Upgrade your Termux Terminal.

$ apt update && apt upgrade

STEP-2: Install the required packages of the CAM dumper tool.

$ apt install git php wget curl jq

STEP-3: Clone CAM dumper tool from GitHub using the Git Clone command.

$ git clone

STEP-4: Now you can see a directory in your termux terminal named CAM-DUMPER. Open this directory using the cd command.


STEP-5: Here is a script file and you need to give it a run and write permission using chmod.

$ chmod +x

STEP-6: At last you need to run the file and the tool will be opened successfully.

$ ./

Hurry we have installed the CAM Dumper tool in Termux. Now create a phishing link and send it to your friend to hack his/her camera.

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