Camphish in Termux : Best Camera 📷 Hacking Tool in Termux

Hello friends welcome all of you to our blog, today we are going to tell about camera hacking. Although there are many tools in the market that we can use for camera hacking, today we are going to tell about Hack Android Cam (Camphish) Tool, which you can also use in Termux on your mobile phone.

What is Hack Android Cam (Camphish)?

Hack Android Cam (Camphish) is a camera hacking tool based on Phishing. Whenever you send a link to your friend with the help of this tool, there is a webpage open that asks your friends for access permission to the camera, if your friends give access permission to the camera, then this tool will live photos from their camera. Dragging sends you to Termux.

How to Install Hack Android Cam ( Camphish) Tool?

If you want to download Camphish Tool in Termux then you have to follow the below-given commands.
First, you have to update and upgrade Termux using ( $ apt update && apt upgrade ) command.
Now you have to install all the packages used in the tool with the command ( $ apt install git wget openssh php ).
Download the Hack Android Cam ( Camphish) Tool from Github to Termux by using Clone ($ git clone ).
After downloading, you have to go to the Camphish directory using the command ( $ cd Camphish ).
You have to use the command ( $ bash ) to run the tool.
With the above-given commands, you can easily install Camphish in Termux.
After the tool is successfully opened, you will get two options out of which you have to select ngrok.
Now the tool will ask you about the ngrok token. You have to create an account from any fake email by going to and copying and pasting the auto token into Termux. If you are facing any problems then you can visit our YouTube channel.

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