How to copy a file in Termux?

Termux is an Android Emulator apk that provides us with a Linux environment. In today’s article, we will learn How to copy in Termux. If you are a new Termux user then you need to know about these commands that help you to make a Termux expert.

A simple CP command is used to copy a folder or directory.

If you want to copy a directory then you can use the cp command given below.

$ cp F1 F2

Here cp refers to copy and F1 is the folder/directory that we want to copy and F2 is the folder/directory where we want to copy.

Similarly, You can easily copy a file using the cp command.

$ cp file1.txt copy.txt

Here, file1.txt and copy.txt are two files where copy.txt is a copy of file1.txt made by the cp command.

I hope you have understood how we can use the cp command to copy a file or folder in Termux.

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