How to use curl in Termux?

Curl is also known as a client URL. It is a command line tool used for data transfer. Recently, it has been getting more popular and everyone wants to use it. So, in today’s blog, we will share how you can download and use curl in Termux.

Here is a command you need to follow to download curl in Termux or any other Linux Distro.

$ apt update && apt upgrade
$ apt install curl

Now, Let’s know how you can use it. When you gave the curl –help command in your terminal then it will show you the help manual like given below.

Usage: curl [options...] <url>
 -d, --data <data>          HTTP POST data
 -f, --fail                 Fail silently (no output at all) on HTTP errors
 -h, --help <category>      Get help for commands
 -i, --include              Include protocol response headers in the output
 -o, --output <file>        Write to file instead of stdout
 -O, --remote-name          Write output to a file named as the remote file
 -s, --silent               Silent mode
 -T, --upload-file <file>   Transfer local FILE to destination
 -u, --user <user:password> Server user and password
 -A, --user-agent <name>    Send User-Agent <name> to server
 -v, --verbose              Make the operation more talkative
 -V, --version              Show version number and quit

I hope you all like this tutorial on Curl installation. For more hacking stuff you can join our telegram group. Wish you a happy Hacking journey!

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