Dhan app Review: Legit or Scam


Dhan is a mobile trading application designed to meet the requirements of investors and traders. The application is a one-stop solution for various investment requirements, including stocks, currencies, commodities, ETFs, IPOs, futures, and options.

Dhan offers two mobile apps: Dhan App and Dhan Options Trader App. The Dhan Mobile App provides a smooth trading experience with technologically advanced features. In contrast, the Dhan Options Trader App is designed specifically for future and options traders.

Dhan Mobile App

The Dhan Mobile App offers several features such as TradingView charts, basket orders for strategy, advanced option chain, 1-tap reverse and exit, real-time P&L updates, super-fast investment experience, trader’s controls, margin trading facility, smart portfolio, instant fund withdrawals, and smart SIPs in stocks and ETFs. The app is available for Android and iPhone users.

Features of the Dhan Mobile App

  • TradingView Charts
  • Basket Orders for Strategy
  • Advanced Option Chain
  • 1-Tap Reverse & Exit
  • Real-Time P&L Updates
  • Superfast Investment Experience
  • Trader’s Controls
  • Margin Trading Facility
  • Smart Portfolio
  • Instant Fund Withdrawals
  • Smart SIPs in Stocks & ETFs
  • Trailing Stop Loss to Plan & Manage Risk
  • Execute Large Orders into Slices with Iceberg
  • Add 999+ Stocks to your Watch List
  • Place After Market Orders Anytime
  • Deep OTM/ITM Contracts with Option Chain
  • Place Forever Order Until it Gets Executed

Dhan Mobile App Charges

There are no charges for accessing the features of the Dhan Mobile App. Customers can create as many watchlists as they want and trade multiple types of securities from one point with security.

Dhan Mobile App Review

The Dhan Mobile App is lightweight, efficient, and easy to use. The app provides a fast, reliable, and technologically advanced trading experience. It has a lightning-fast user experience, delightful customer service, and a super-active community.

Dhan Mobile App Demo

The Dhan Mobile App is equipped with several features and options to make the trading experience worthwhile. Customers can learn how to use these features and options by accessing the Dhan Mobile App Demo.

Dhan Options Trader App

The Dhan Options Trader App is a platform designed specifically for future and options traders. It contains all the necessary features required for the effective trading of derivatives such as options. The app offers features such as market outlook, pre-built strategies, live market scan, screener, pay-off graphs, and option Greeks. The app is available for Android and iPhone users.

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