EA Sports PGA Tour Review


It sounds like EA Sports PGA Tour has some strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, EA has scored licensing deals with prestigious events like the Masters and key courses like Pebble Beach, resulting in gorgeous graphics and an impressive interactive presentation. However, the gameplay itself seems inconsistent, frustrating, and at odds with its own identity.

The analog stick swing function is logical, but there’s little feedback on what causes a botched shot. Even small deviations can lead to drastic gaffes, making the game feel overly difficult and unfair. Meanwhile, the lack of customization options and slow progress in leveling up creates pressure to spend real money on in-game currency, making the experience feel like a cash grab.

Furthermore, some features from EA’s retired Tiger Woods series, such as the unrealistic power button mash and spin option, seem out of place in a game that is trying to capture the nuance of golf. The game seems to struggle with whether it wants to be a realistic simulation or an arcade-style game, and in the process, it misses the mark on both fronts.

Overall, while EA Sports PGA Tour captures the beauty of the sport, it fails to deliver an enjoyable and consistent gameplay experience.

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