Easy_Hack Tool in Termux | Best Ethical Hacking Tool in Termux 2022

Hello Friends, I Ankush Welcome you all in our new article with a new Termux Tool. If you are looking for the best Pentesting tool, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss Easy_Hack Tool.

Introduction to Easy_Hack Tool

Easy_Hack is a pentesting tool made only for Termux users. Easy_Hack tool made using a lot of pentesting tools. It is easy to use and written in Bash Script. This is one of the best tool if you are beginner in Cybersecurity.

Easy_Hack Tool Features

  • Payload Generator
  • Metastploit Framework Installation
  • Beef-Xss Framework Installation
  • Ngrok Installation
  • Network Scanning using Nmap
  • Password Creaking

Easy_Hack Tool Installation

Firstly, you need to install Termux from its official website termux.com or F-droid. After completing installation, you have to use some commands used in Easy_Hack Tool Installation.
$ apt update 
$ apt upgrade 
$ apt install git 
$ cd EasY_HaCk
$ bash install.sh
$ EasY_HaCk
A new interface will be open & where you can use this tool.


In this article we have discussed Easy_Hack tool. If you are looking for more tools than I recommend you to visit our website and check out a lot of tools available on our website.
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