Freedom App Review: Real or Fake

Do you often struggle to stay focused while working or studying? The constant distractions from notifications, social media, and other websites can make it hard to concentrate. But fear not! The Freedom app is here to help.

In this article, we’ll explore how this app can help you take control of your time and improve your focus.

What Is the Freedom App?

The Freedom app is a helpful tool that blocks distracting websites and apps from your devices, allowing you to focus on your work. It’s especially great for managing social media distractions, which are a common productivity killer.

With Freedom, you can create “blocked” sessions where access to distracting websites is restricted for a set time. This means you won’t be tempted to check those sites when you should be working. For even more focused sessions, the app offers a “locked” mode that completely blocks specified sites for a certain period.

How Does Freedom App Work?

The Freedom app is easy to use. You just install it as a browser extension or application on your devices like Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, or Chrome. Once installed, you can customize focus sessions based on your needs. During these sessions, distractions are blocked, helping you work or study without interruptions.

Freedom App Review and Pros


  1. Automated Blocking: Freedom automatically blocks distracting websites, removing the temptation to access them during work hours.
  2. Manual Override: You can still disable blocking if needed, although the “locked mode” prevents manual overrides for better focus.
  3. Trial Period: Try Freedom for free with their trial period before deciding on a plan.
  4. Selective Blocking: You can choose specific websites to block, targeting your biggest distractions effectively.
  5. Scheduled Focus Time: Set up specific “focused” time slots to establish a consistent writing routine.


  1. Locked Mode Limitations: The locked mode may block essential information, so use it wisely.
  2. Limited App Blocking: On certain devices, Freedom may not block every distracting app.
  3. Recurring Events: You’ll need an upgraded plan for scheduling recurring events.
  4. Data in Time Tracking Report: The time tracking report might lack some details about your focused sessions.

How Much Does Freedom App Cost?

Freedom offers three subscription plans:

  1. Monthly Plan: $8.99 per month for full access to all features.
  2. Yearly Plan: $3.33 per month with a yearly commitment, offering cost savings.
  3. Forever Plan: A one-time payment of $99.50 for lifetime access to the app’s features.

You can also try Freedom for free with their trial period.


The Freedom app is a fantastic tool for anyone struggling with distractions and low productivity. By blocking distracting websites and apps, it helps you regain control of your time and stay focused on your tasks. Whether you’re a writer working on a book or someone aiming to boost productivity, Freedom can be a game-changer.

Don’t let distractions hold you back; try the Freedom app and unlock your true potential.

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