Future Rupee App Review – Is it Real or Fake?

In today’s post, we will delve into the world of online loan apps and take a closer look at Future Rupee App. Many of you may be curious about this app and have questions like, “Is Future Rupee App real or fake?” or “Is Future Rupee App safe to use?” Well, fret not, as we aim to answer all your queries in this comprehensive review.

What is Future Rupee App?

Future Rupee App is an online loan app that claims to provide easy loans at low-interest rates. While we won’t delve into its features in this review, we will focus on a crucial aspect – whether Future Rupee App is legitimate or just another fake loan app.

Future Rupee App – Real or Fake?

Now comes the question you’ve been waiting for – Is Future Rupee App real or fake? Unfortunately, based on our investigation, it seems that the app raises some red flags, indicating it may not be a safe option for getting a loan. Here are the reasons:

  1. Online presence not available: A genuine loan app typically has a robust online presence, making loan applications easier and faster. However, Future Rupee App seems to lack this crucial feature.
  2. Lack of NBFC company information: Trustworthy loan apps usually provide clear information about their Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) status. In the case of Future Rupee App, such information is missing.
  3. Absence of licensing or certifications: Reputable loan apps obtain necessary licenses and certifications to operate legally. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of this for Future Rupee App.
  4. Unclear terms and conditions: Legitimate loan apps always present their terms and conditions transparently to users. Future Rupee App appears to be lacking in this aspect.
  5. No mandatory CIBIL Score requirement: Trusted loan apps often consider applicants’ creditworthiness through their CIBIL Scores. Future Rupee App, however, seems to bypass this important factor.
  6. Poor customer care service: Genuine loan apps prioritize customer satisfaction and have reliable customer care services. Future Rupee App’s customer care, according to reviews, is disappointing.
  7. Negative reviews: The internet is filled with user reviews, and unfortunately, Future Rupee App seems to have a lot of negative feedback.
  8. Lack of founder information: A trustworthy loan app usually provides information about its founders or management team. In this case, there is no such information available for Future Rupee App.
  9. Missing registration details: Legitimate loan apps proudly display their registration details. Unfortunately, the Future Rupee App fails to provide any such information.
  10. Absence of Grievance Officer details: As per RBI guidelines, loan apps must mention the NBFC name and Grievance Officer’s details in their policies. Future Rupee App seems to lack this vital information.
  11. No active social media presence: Trusted loan apps often engage with users through social media platforms. However, Future Rupee App’s lack of activity on social media is concerning.

Based on these findings and in adherence to RBI guidelines, we cannot recommend using Future Rupee App for online loans. It is essential to prioritize your financial safety and opt for trusted and reliable loan apps that have a proven track record and follow the necessary regulations. If you have any doubts or experiences with Future Rupee App, please share them to help others make informed decisions.


In conclusion, stay cautious while choosing an online loan app, and always research thoroughly before sharing any personal or financial information. Your financial well-being is paramount, and making informed decisions will protect you from potential scams and fraudulent activities.

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