Genesis App Review – Is Genesis Earning App Real or Fake

In today’s article, we’ll talk about an app and website called Genesis Earning App, which claims to help you earn money online. But is it a genuine opportunity or just a scam? We’ll find out together. If you have questions like “What is Genesis App?”, “Is Genesis App Real or Fake?”, “Is Genesis App safe?”, and “How does Genesis Earning App Work?”, keep reading to get the answers.

Genesis App Review

Before we go further, let’s first check out whether Genesis Earning App is worth considering or not. Your feedback can also help others, so share your experience after reading.

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What is Genesis App?

Genesis Earning App is a platform that claims to offer you a chance to make money using their mobile app. They ask you to do certain tasks, and in return, you’ll get some money.

But here’s the thing, we are not talking about how good or bad the app is. Instead, we are looking into whether Genesis Earning App is a legitimate opportunity or just a fake one.

Fraud Site Link: –

Please be cautious with the link above. It leads to a fraudulent Genesis Site and has no connection to the genuine Site. So, we strongly advise you to stay away from it.

Is Genesis Earning App Real or Fake?

To put it plainly, Genesis Earning App is not safe to use. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Poorly Created Site: The platform looks unprofessional, which raises doubts about its authenticity.
  2. No Information of the Founder: The lack of information about the people behind the platform is suspicious.
  3. No Clear Registration Details: They don’t provide transparent information about their registration process, which is concerning.
  4. Incomplete Work Details: They don’t explain clearly how you can earn money, which is something genuine platforms do.
  5. Lots of Negative Reviews: Many users have shared bad experiences, making it hard to trust the app.
  6. No Official Contact Details: They don’t have proper contact information, making communication difficult.
  7. No Active Social Media Accounts: Genuine platforms usually have an active social media presence, but Genesis App lacks that.
  8. Fake Certificates and Proofs: Anything they show as proof is likely fake.
  9. Fake Offers: Everything they promise might be false, meant to deceive you.
  10. Lucrative Plans as Bait: They try to lure you with attractive plans, but it could be a trap.
  11. Recharge Scam: Be cautious if they ask you to pay for a recharge; it might be a scam.

How does Genesis App Work?

Apps like Genesis Earning App are designed to deceive people. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Attractive Plans and Schemes: They offer tempting plans to get your attention and trust.
  2. Referrals and Large Investments: Once you’re in, they’ll ask you to refer others and invest more money.
  3. App Closure: Eventually, they might disappear with all the money they collected, leaving you empty-handed.


In short, we strongly advise against using Genesis Earning App for online earnings. It has many warning signs, and it’s best to avoid it to protect yourself.

If you want a quick review, just stay away from Genesis App. Don’t risk your money and personal information on something that might be a scam.

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