HASHCAT Advanced Password Recovery Tool in Termux | Hashcat in Termux

HASHCAT – Advanced Password Recovery Tool

Hello Hackers, If you are looking for Hashcat Tool for Termux then you are at right place. Today I Ankush tell  you all how we can use Hashcat Tool in Termux without using our Android Phone.


In this article I have added a brief description about Hashcat Tool if you are new and want to use Hashcat Tool then firstly you have to know about HASHs or How websites save user database. Don’t Know I will explain in articles further. Let’s start our Hacking Journey with Hashcat Tool.

What is Hash?

Hashing is a process to converting a normal text into a string value using many mathmatics function know as Hash Function. A input text is converted into a HASH Value using many Hashing Algorithm like MD5,SHA-1 etc.

What is Hashcat?

Hashcat is a fast password recovery tool used to recover a password from Hash Value. This is capable for both wordlist & BruteForce. It provides us a lot of functionality that we will discuss below.

Features Of Hashcat

  • Free & Open Source
  • Easy to use 
  • 200+ Hash Algorithm
  • Support Kali Destro & Windows &Mac 
  • Multiple Hashes can be creaked at same time

Hashcat Tool in Termux

Hashcat is a best password recovery tool.if you want to install Hashcat in Termux then you need to follow all steps given below:-

Step-1: Download Termux from F-droid or termux.com

Step-2: Download Ubuntu in Termux ( I have already discussed about Ubuntu Installation in Termux )

Step-3: Update & Upgrade Ubuntu using Commands ( apt-get update && apt-get upgrade )

Step-4: Install Hashcat in Termux using command ( apt install Hashcat)

Hurry! we have successfully installed Hashcat in Termux.

Hashcat in Kali Nethunter

Kali Nethunter is similar to Kali Linux. It is quite simple to download Hashcat Tool in Kali Nethunter. If you have not installed Kali Nethunter so you can check out our website to install Kali Nethunter in Termux. Follow the commands given below to download Hashcat in Kali Nethunter:-

$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade 

$ sudo apt install hashcat 

Hurry! We have successfully installed Hashcat in Kali Nethunter.

How to use Hashcat?

For Hashcat Help Manual use command ( $ hashcat -h )

You can see a Help Manual as given below

HASHCAT Advanced Password Recovery Tool | Hashcat in Termux
HASHCAT Advanced Password Recovery Tool | Hashcat in Termux


In this article, we have discussed Hashcat & Hashcat installation in Termux. If you like it so share it with your friends also and check out other articles related to Termux on our blog website.

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