HiddenEye in Termux | How to install and use Hiddeneye in Termux?

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack. In this attack, a hacker creates fake social media account pages like Facebook, Instagram, etc. but like the real account and social engineering the target then the target clicks on this link and enters their credentials and credit card number. Your account has been hacked.

HiddenEye in Termux is also a phishing tool used to hack users social media by sending a link. But without social engineering phishing is nothing. Let’s take an example to understand how you can hack anyone using phishing & social engineering.

My friend love to play free fire and most of you also play it. Now I know that my friend’s Free Fire account is attached to her Facebook account. So, I will create a fake Facebook page using hidden eye and send it to my friend. I will tell him that you will get free diamonds with this link. I know there is a high chance he will enter his details. When he enters his Facebook details then I will get all details and can log in with his Facebook and free fire accounts.

HiddenEye Installation in Termux

Now let’s talk about how you can download hidden eye in Termux. Here are a few commands you need to follow to download the hidden eye tool in termux.

$ apt update 
$ apt upgrade
$ apt install git python python3
$ git clone https://github.com/Morsmalleo/HiddenEye
$ cd HiddenEye
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ python3 HiddenEye.py

HiddenEye tool dashboard will appear you can continue it according to you. Now we had installed hidden eye if you need more amazing and interesting hacking stuff then join our telegram channel.

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