How do I edit a file in Termux?

Termux is an android emulator apk that provides us with a Linux environment in our android mobile. It is completely based on commands and if you are an IT student or programmer then it can be worth it for you.

Today I am going to share how you can edit a file in Termux. We can use two file editors in termux that is vi editors and nano editor. I personally use nano editor because it is easy to use and with some simple commands, we can use it.

If you want to download the nano editor in termux then you can run the given command.

$ apt update
$ apt upgrade 
$ apt install nano

Now the point is how we can edit or create a file with nano editor in Termux. Don’t worry I am going to share this also.

First of all, we need a file. Suppose I want to create a python script file named

$ nano

I will use the above command to create or edit a file. If your terminal has no file named then it will automatically create a file. When you run this command a new window will open of nano editor where you can write your program or script.

You need to put some given instructions to save files from the nano editor.


I hope you all understood how we can edit and create a file. If you have any further queries talk about it in the comment section and also join our telegram channel for more interesting hacking stuff.

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