How do I unzip a TGZ file in Termux?

Hello Guys, sometimes we need to compress a file to save memory and data. But there is not only a zip format to compress a file. TGZ is a compressed format of a file that reduces file size by 100. Today we are going to share how you can unzip the TGZ file in termux.

$tar czf

tar czf command is used to convert files to tar.gz compressed format.
Suppose we want to convert the abc file to tar.gz format. If we want to compress then we
tar cf command like the given below.

$ tar czf abc.tar.gz abc

I have compressed abc file to tar.gz format. Now the main question is how to unzip abc from tar.gz format. Don’t worry you have to look down and read about tar xzf command.

$ tar xzf

Using the tar xzf command user can unzip files from tar.gz
Suppose we unzip abc.tar.gz format to abc. We use the tar xzf command as given below.

$ tar xzf abc.tar.gz type.

I hope you all understood how you can zip and unzip a file. If you have any queries just comment it and also join our telegram channel for more amazing hacking stuff.

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