How to get Boogie Glove in Slap Battles

Welcome, Slap Battles fans, to a full guide on how to get the Boogie Glove, which is one of the hardest to find and most wanted gloves in the game. This one-of-a-kind glove has a special power that can really change the game in the field.

In this piece, we’ll show you how to get the Boogie Glove and win the game by dancing. So let’s jump right in and get ready to dance!

The Task: Getting the Boogie Glove

Getting the Boogie Glove is not easy, but the sense of success you get when you do is well worth the trouble. Follow these steps carefully and you’ll be on your way to getting this sought-after glove.

Go to the Regular Arena

To start looking for the Boogie Glove, open Slap Battles and go through the red portal, which will take you to the regular field. The real task starts once you’re inside.

The Unity Dance

To get the Boogie Glove, a very rare and unusual thing must happen. In the hallway, you need to work with the other 14 players to dance at the same time. Yes, you read that right—everyone has to dance at the same time.

Putting on the Boogie Dance

Do the “Boogie With It” move to start off the dance fest. Open the chat box and type “/e dance” to do this. You’ll start dancing right away, but the real test is getting everyone else to join you on the dance floor.

Work together and talk to each other

The key to success is to work together and talk to each other. Ask other players to join the dance party in a polite way in the chat box or reach out to other Roblox users in Discord who may also be trying to get the Boogie Glove. Working together makes it more likely that everyone will move at the same time.

The reward is a “Boogie With It” badge

Once the dance of unity is done and all 14 players are moving in sync, you will get the prestigious “Boogie With It” badge. This badge shows that you all worked together and is a step towards getting the Boogie Glove.

Letting the Boogie Glove Loose

By doing the Boogie Once you have the It badge, you will be able to use the Boogie Glove. Use its power to your advantage and dance your way to the top of the Slap Battles field.


Unlocking the Boogie Glove isn’t easy, but when you do it, you’ll feel like you’ve done something great. Accept the challenge, dance together, and use the power of the Boogie Glove to leave your mark on the Slap Battles field.

So, get your other players together, talk to them well, and start your journey to get the Boogie Glove. Once you win, you’ll be a major player in the fascinating world of Slap Battles!

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