How to Get Hitman Glove Slap Battles: The Hitman Glove Is Revealed

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a full guide on how to get the prized Hitman Glove and use it well in the exciting world of Slap Battles. This new glove, called “The Hitman Glove,” has powerful powers that can change the outcome of any fight. This makes it a must-have for anyone who wants to be the best in Slap Battles.

In this piece, we’ll show you step-by-step how to get the glove, learn how to use it, and show off your skills to beat out the other players.

Getting the Hitman Glove to Work

You must first get the Sharp Shooter Badge and the Court Evidence Badge before you can use The Hitman Glove. These badges give you access to the amazing skills that the glove has.

How to get the Sharp Shooter Badge

Getting the Court Evidence Badge is the first step on the trip. This badge is hidden under the spawn. To get it, just do the following:

  • Find the place where the game starts.
    Find the hidden “goober” that lives in this area and click on it.

Congratulations! By doing these things, you’ve got the important Court Evidence Badge and are now one step closer to using The Hitman Glove to its full potential.

Getting the Court Evidence Badge

Next, you’ll need to get the Sharp Shooter Badge to show how good you are at Slap Battles. To earn this badge, you have to show that you are determined and careful by killing ten different enemies in a single life without dying yourself. During this task, it’s important to stay focused and avoid dying, since dying will reset your kill count.

Even though this may be hard at first, don’t worry. With practice and hard work, the job will get easier over time. Think about teaming up with people who share your goals so that you can all work towards the same goal and speed up the process.

Letting out the power of the Hitman Glove

Congratulations! Now that you have The Hitman Glove, you can try out its different skills and abilities. During your trip, you will find a number of power-ups that will improve your ability to slap and help you become a major player in the Slap Battles realm.

Power-Up: You get 10 Bounty Points

When you get your first 10 Bounty Points, your slap power will get a big boost. This will let you hit your opponents harder and more often. The boost in slap power will help you take control of the battlefield in a big way.

Power-Up: You get 25 Bounty Points

As soon as you get 25 Bounty Points, you will be able to use the Teleport skill. With this ability, you can move quickly over short distances, like The Flash. This gives you tactical benefits in tough fights. Use this new power in a smart way to outsmart your opponents and get the upper hand.

Upgrade: 40 Bounty Points

When you have 40 Bounty Points, you can use the power to become invisible. With this power, you can turn invisible for a short time, like a ghost. Mastering this ability will give you chances to sneak up on enemies and surprise them with well-timed hits, which can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Power-Up: You get 100 Bounty Points

When you get 100 Bounty Points, which is a big deal, you can use the Revolver. The base Revolver has a powerful knockback, giving you an edge in situations where you need to control a crowd. Even though it may not be a weapon that kills instantly, it can give up a lot of space for strategic moves.

How to Win in a Slap Battle?

Consider the following tips to get the most out of Slap Battles and make sure you win:

  • Practice makes perfect: Set aside time to work on your hitting skills and get better at them. Regular practice will help you get better and make you a tough opponent.
  • Teamwork wins battles: Work with other fans to organize attacks and reach goals as quickly as possible. In a tough fight, working as a team can make all the difference.
  • Adapt and Win: Keep your method flexible and change it to fit different battle situations. Getting used to how your opponents play will give you a big edge.
  • Strategic Ability Use: Learn when and how to use your skills to get the most out of them and surprise your opponents.


In the end, The Hitman Glove gives Slap Battles players an exciting chance to step up their game and become real champions of the arena. If you follow the steps in this guide, get the important badges, and learn how to use the glove’s skills, you will be well on your way to becoming a great Slap Battler.

So, put on your Hitman Glove, get ready for action, and start a journey that will test your skills and bring out your inner Slap Battles winner!

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