How to increase Instagram followers with Termux?

Termux is one of the most powerful ethical hacking tools in android. With some simple scripts, we can do everything in Termux. Everyone wants a lot of Instagram followers to show off. If you are reading this article then I am sure you also want Instagram followers.

In this tutorial, I am going to share a script that will help you to increase your Instagram followers. InsHackle is a tool that is used to increase and track Instagram followers. It uses some bot accounts and those bot accounts will follow you. With time these followers will decrease because Instagram deletes bot accounts day by day.

Inshackle installation in Termux

The Inshackle tool is used to increase and track Instagram followers. You need to follow some commands to install the Inshackle tool in Termux.

STEP-1: Download Termux from F-droid. If you are downloading it from the play store then you will face a lot of errors.

STEP-2: Update and Upgrade the Termux terminal using the commands given.

$ apt update 
$ apt upgrade

STEP-3: Install some required packages for the InsHackle tool.

$ apt install git
$ apt install curl
$ apt install wget

STEP-4: Clone the InsHackle tool from GitHub using the given command.

$ git clone
$ ls 

STEP-5: After completing installation you can see the inshackle-bot directory in your Termux terminal. You need to just open it using the cd command.

$ cd inshackle-bot
$ ls

STEP-6: Now you need to run a bash scripting file

$ bash

You can see the tool dashboard now and can continue with it. You got a lot of options regarding Instagram followers like Unfollow Tracker, Increase Followers, Download Stories, Saved Content, Following/followers list, Profile Info, Unfollow all your following, and more.

I hope you all understand how we can increase Instagram followers using termux. If you have any further queries just share them with me in the comment section or you can also join our telegram channel for more amazing hacking stuff.

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