How to Install say hello in Termux?

Hacking and getting someone’s information is too exciting but illegal. Anyway if you are in cybersecurity then you need to experience all things. Today I am going to share a new fantastic tool known as SayHello. It is a phishing tool that records live audio from the victim’s device by a link.

It is too interesting and everyone wants to try it. SayHello does not require any root access so we can use it in termux easily. Here are some commands you need to follow to download SayHello in Termux or any other Linux distro.

$ apt update
$ apt upgrade 
$ apt install git
$ git clone
$ cd sayhello
$ bash

Now you can use it easily. But it provides and Ngrok to create a universal link. Due to recent updates, we can’t use Ngrok for phishing so we will use and LocalXpose to do it. You can watch the video given below to know more about it.

//// Video Will be Uploaded Soon ////

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial for more amazing tutorials joins our telegram channel now.

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