How to open a file in Termux?

Termux is one of the best Android apps that provide us Linux environment with no additional recommendations. Sometimes we can see a lot of files that do not open because we need some requirements to open a specific type of file.

Today I will share how to open a file in Termux. You need to follow some steps after that you can easily open every type of file in Termux.

STEP-1: Open the directory/folder where the file exists. Suppose we have a file named run.ct and want to open it. So, go to the directory where the file exists.

STEP-2: We will use the termux-open command to open every type of file in Termux. You need to look toward the command given below.

$ termux-open file-name

You can replace file-name with the actual file to see suitable results.

I hope you all understand how easily you can open a file in Termux. For more details regarding Termux or any Queries connect with me on Instagram.

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