How to run .py file in Termux?

Termux is an android emulator app that provides us Linux environment. These days use of Termux is increasing continuously so many people use it for different purposes. If you are a Termux user then you have to run some files with .py extension.

.py is a python file extension that contains python code. Today I am going to share how you can run a py file in Termux.

Here are the few steps given below:

  1. Download Termux from a Trusted source like F-Droid and Termux’s official website.
  2. Update and Upgrade Termux using apt update && apt upgrade command.
  3. Install Python Package using the apt install python python3 command.
  4. Suppose we have a file and want to run it then you have to use the python command.

I hope you all understood how you can run a python file in Termux. For more informational content join our Telegram channel.

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