How to Use Aircrack-Ng in Termux? | aircrack-ng termux commands

Aircrack-Ng is a popular and widely used software for Wi-Fi network security. It is a suite of tools that are designed to help in ensuring the security of Wi-Fi networks. This software is primarily designed for Linux distributions, but it is also compatible with other operating systems, including Windows.

With Aircrack-Ng, you can monitor Wi-Fi networks, test the functionality of Wi-Fi cards, and even export data to a text file for later analysis. The software uses encrypted packets to monitor Wi-Fi networks, ensuring that all sensitive information is kept secure during the process.

Aircreak-Ng in Termux

For mobile users, Termux is the ideal solution. This software provides a terminal environment on Android devices, allowing users to install and use other software on their mobile phones. With Termux, you can bring the power of Linux to your smartphone, providing you with a fully functional Linux environment.

To install Aircrack-Ng on Termux, you first need to install Termux on your device. Then, you can follow these simple steps to install Aircrack-Ng:

Step 1: Open Termux and execute the following command to prepare the repository for the installation process:

apt install root-repo

Step 2: After the repository is ready, execute the following command to install Aircrack-Ng:

apt install aircrack-ng -y

Step 3: To install the dependencies for Aircrack-Ng, run the following command:

apt install iw

Step 4: The installation process is now complete, and you can verify the successful installation by running the following command:

aircrack-ng -S

Using Aircrack-Ng: Monitoring and Detecting Networks

Aircrack-Ng has two main uses: monitoring networks and detecting networks.

For monitoring networks, you first need to install the “tsu” dependency by running the following command:

apt install tsu

Then, run the following command to monitor the current network configuration:

sudo airmon-ng

For network detection, you can use Aircrack-Ng to find all confidential information about the present networks. The software provides detailed information about the networks, including their SSID, encryption type, and more.


In conclusion, Aircrack-Ng is a powerful tool for ensuring the security of Wi-Fi networks. Whether you’re using it on a Linux distribution or a mobile device with Termux, Aircrack-Ng provides comprehensive and secure monitoring and detection capabilities for your wireless networks.

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