How to use the Infoga tool in Termux? | Hack Gmail Using Infoga

Hello Friends, In today’s article we will discuss how we can use the Infoga tool in Termux.

Infoga is one of the best tools used to gather Gmail information from a domain name. Basically, the Infoga tool uses Google Dorking to get all email addresses inside a website. Infoga tool is written in Python such that you can set it up with some simple commands.

Infoga Tool in Termux

Let’s move toward the Installation of Infoga in Termux. You need to follow some steps to get Infoga in your Termux.

  • Open your Termux Terminal and Update & Upgrade it using the command given below.
$ apt update 
$ apt upgrade
  • Now you need to install some packages like Python3 & git.
$ apt install git python3
  • After successfully installing you need to clone the Infoga tool from GitHub using the git clone command.
$ git clone
$ ls
  • Here you can see a directory named Infoga. You need to open the directory using the cd command.
$ cd Infoga
  • Here you can see a lot of files. Now you have to install Infoga tool requirements using the command given.
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • After completing the installation of all requirements you have to run the file using python3.
$ python
  • Now you can see a help desk of the tool. Read it carefully and enjoy using the Infoga tool.

How does Infoga Tool Work?

Infoga is one of the best Gmail Information Gathering Tool. If you are a bug hunter then it is very important for you to gather all information on a website. It makes information Gathering very easy. You need to add only a domain name and it will search all email addresses of that domain in many search engines.

Let’s take an example. I want to gather all email addresses of the domain of So, I will use a simple command using infoga tool like the one given below.

$ python3 -d

After some time you can see a lot of email addresses on the domain. Like this, you can use many other domains to gather email-related information.

I hope you liked our article and if you have any questions related to technology. Just comment below we will resolve it as soon as possible.

HAPPY HACKING – I will come back with a new tool and a new story and still explore our website and other articles.

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