Install colorama in termux

Are you looking to add color to your terminal output on your Android device using Termux? The Colorama in Termux library can help you achieve that. Here are the simple steps to install Colorama in Termux:

Step 1: Install Python

The first step is to install Python, which is the programming language that Colorama is built on. Open Termux and run the following command:

pkg install python

Step 2: Install Pip

Next, you need to install Pip, which is a package installer for Python. To install Pip, run the following command:

pkg install python-pip

Step 3: Install Colorama

Now that you have Pip installed, you can use it to install Colorama. Simply run the following command:

pip install colorama

Step 4: Test Colorama

To test if Colorama is installed correctly, you can create a new file called and paste the following code:

from colorama import init, Fore, Back, Style
print(Fore.RED + 'Hello, world!')
print(Back.GREEN + 'Hello, world!')
print(Style.DIM + 'Hello, world!')
print(Fore.YELLOW + Back.BLUE + 'Hello, world!')

Save the file and then run it by executing the following command in Termux:


You should see some colored output in your terminal!


By following these simple steps, you can easily install Colorama in Termux and add color to your terminal output. Remember to install Python and Pip first before installing Colorama.

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