How to install pip in Termux Android?

Hello Friends, Today we will learn about pip installation in Termux. PIP is a Python program/module manager used to download Python modules. If you are using Termux, you sometimes need to install some Python modules but don’t know how to use pip. Don’t worry; today, we will discuss everything about Pip.

Before using pip, install some required packages in your Termux.

First, open termux and update and upgrade termux using the given commands. If you don’t have termux, you can download Termux Apk from

$ apt update
$ apt upgrade

Secondly, you need to install some packages like python python3. Install all required packages using the given commands.

$ apt install python python3

We have installed all requirements for pip. Now we can use pip easily. Before using pip, you must know that pip3 is used for python3 and pip is used for python2. Python3 is the recommended version for Python and is used to create many Ethical Hacking Tools. Let’s know how to use pip in termux.

To use pip or pip3 in Termux, you have to use a simple command as given below.

$ pip3 install module-name

Let’s take an example so you can understand it easily.

We want to install the flask Python module in Termux. So, we will use pip3 or pip, as given below.

$ pip3 install flask

I hope you understand how to use pip or pip3 in Termux. If you have any further queries, comment now. Share it in your community for more exciting knowledge regarding Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security.

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