Is bug bounty legal in India? 

Before knowing about Bug Bounty is legal or not in India. Let’s take a quick view of the bug bounty. In my words ” Bug Bounty is a program offered by companies in which hackers get money ( or other goodies ) for finding bugs/vulnerabilities in company website or software.”

You have to visit HackerOne once to see how much hackers earn as a bug bounty. In my experience on HackerOne, I had seen a bug hunter get a bug bounty of 11k dollars. Some bug hunters earn more also but I don’t know about them.

Bug Bounty is fully legal in India and worldwide. But it can be illegal if you did any irrelevant work. For example, a bug hunter hacked the company database and reported it to the company. If that bug hunter leak company data or sell it to anyone then it is illegal. So, Be authentic with your country.

Don’t try bug hunting on government websites because you can face problem with it and government never pay any bug bounty to do this.

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