Is Termux safe for android?

Termux is not something that can’t be hacked. Like other apps, it is also made with coding and it have also bugs but the point of security is an issue. Is Termux safe for our android mobile or not?

Termux is an apk file that helps us to run scripts on mobile like in Kali Linux. Termux is definitely safe for our android mobile until a user can’t run any malicious script. GitHub is a hub of scripts that contains some very malicious scripts.

If you don’t have proper knowledge then never run a random script in Termux and also not in Kali Terminal. If you did this then you have to face some viruses or banking trojans.

The security of termux is in the user’s hands. If you remember these points then you can use termux safely. If you are still a beginner then check out some cool tools given below and also join our telegram channel for more amazing hacking stuff.

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