Is Termux the same as Kali?

Hello Friends, Today we will discuss whether Is Termux the same as Kali?

Probably a lot of people think that Termux is the same as Linux but it is not totally right. If you want to know why Termux is not the same as Linux actually. 

Difference between Linux and Termux

Linux is a kernel ( part of the Operating System )Termux is an apk file that works on Android and iOS
Linux has many pre-install toolsTermux doesn’t have pre-installed tools.
Linux comes with GUI and CLITermux comes with CLI only
Linux is fast and easy to useTermux takes a lot of time in scanning a single port.
Linux has root accessTermux does not come with root access

Similarities between Termux & Linux

  • Linux and Termux both have a terminal that we can use to download and run tools.
  • Linux and Termux both are used for Hacking
  • We can say Termux is a part of Linux 

There are a lot of similarities and differences between Kali Linux and Termux. So, we can’t say that Termux is the same as Kali Linux.

I hope you understand why Kali Linux is different from Termux. For any further queries just comment below we will resolve that soon.

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