How to install Jarvis in Termux?

Termux is one of the most powerful Ethical Hacking tools that provide us with a Kali Linux environment. If you are an old Termux user then you want to fill Termux Black and White interface with colors.

Today I am going to share how you can easily create a good Termux interface using Jarvis.

Javris is a bash script that helps us to change Termux Welcome Screen. It is easy to use and with a few steps, we can see this tool interface in our Termux Terminal.

Javris Installation in Termux

Let’s talk about Javris Installation. You can use it by following some steps given below:

STEP-1: Install Termuxl apk from a Trusted Source like F-droid or GitHub. Google play store also has the Termux app but now it is not in the latest version such that not working properly.

STEP-2: Update and Upgrade your Termux terminal. You need to use the given commands to update and upgrade Termux.

$ apt update && apt upgrade

STEP-3: Install git in Termux. You need to install git in Termux because all script and tool file exists there.

$ apt install git

STEP-3: Clone Javris Tool from GitHub using the Git Clone command.

$ git clone

STEP-4: Move to the Jarvis-welcome directory using the cd command.

$ cd jarvis-welcome

STEP-5: Run the file using the bash command.

$ bash

STEP-6: Exit from Termux and Reopen it again.

$ exit

Hurry! Now you can see a Termux Interface in a cool way. I hope you all understand Jarvis installation in Termux. If you have any questions regarding this then join our Telegram Group as soon as possible.

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