How install knockmail in termux?

Knockmail is a tool used to check whether an email id is working/exist or not. A user needs to provide a text file of email and this tool checks all emails one by one. If it got a working email then it will show you found.

Knockmail uses a brute force technique to perform this action. It brute forces every email id by sending a mail so, if mail is sent to any email id means that the email id exists.

Let’s move forward and talk about the Installation of Knockmail in Termux.

STEP-1: Update and Upgrade your Termax Terminal.

$ apt update 
$ apt upgrade 

STEP-2: Install Git and Python packages in Termux. Git will be used to clone tool files from GitHub and Python will be used to run the tool script.

$ apt install git 
$ apt install python 

STEP-3: Clone Knockmail tool From GitHub.

$ git clone

STEP-4: Now you can see a KnockMail directory/folder. If you cannot see you need to give ls command to it.

$ ls
$ cd KnockMail 
$ ls

STEP-5: Here you can see the requirements.txt and files. You need to download tool requirements using pip and requirements.txt file.

$ pip install -r requeriments.txt

STEP-6: We have installed all the requirements for the KnockMail tool. Now we can easily run and use it using Python.

$ python

Hurry! We have installed knockMail in Termux. Now you need to enter the email text files such that you can check them one by one.

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