Large Taka Loan App Review: Real or Fake


Large Taka is an online loan application available on Google Play Store. The app provides loans with high-interest rates, and there have been numerous complaints of harassment and unauthorized access to contacts. In this review, we will look at some of the complaints raised by users of the Large Taka loan app.

Complaint 1: A user of the app expressed concern about their contacts being accessed without authorization. They had taken a loan from Large Taka and were unable to repay it. The user requested the app developers to take strict action to ensure their contacts were not reached. They also expressed their inability to pay the loan and hoped that the developers would take necessary action before March 29.

Complaint 2: Another user complained of harassment after taking a loan from Large Taka. The user received a loan of Rs. 1800 without their consent, and after a week, the app demanded repayment of Rs. 3000. The user alleged that the Large Taka team sent their contact list to their WhatsApp number and threatened to create sexual content by editing their photos and sending them to their relatives.

Complaint 3: A user from Visakhapatnam complained that the Large Taka app had provided loans without their consent. The user alleged that after receiving a loan of Rs. 1200, the app automatically provided a loan of Rs. 5000 and then Rs. 31900. The app demanded repayment of Rs. 32000 and later asked for an update of the total amount, and the user alleged that they were blackmailed.

Table of Complaints:

Complaint No.User Concerns
1Unauthorized access to contacts
2Harassment and threat to user
3Loan provided without user consent


The Large Taka loan app has been subject to several complaints from users. The complaints range from unauthorized access to contacts to harassment and blackmail. Users are advised to exercise caution while using the app and to research alternative loan providers with more transparent terms and conditions. The app developers are also urged to take necessary measures to address the concerns raised by users.

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