MFD Gaming Ubuntu in Termux

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that is popular among hackers because of its ease of use and regular updates. If you’re an Android user, you can also install Ubuntu on your phone using Termux.

Here are the steps to install Ubuntu in Termux using the script created by MFD Gaming:

Step 1: Download and install Termux from the official website or F-Droid

If you downloaded Termux from the Google Play Store, you may encounter errors during installation. Once you’ve downloaded Termux, update and upgrade it using the following command:

$ apt update 
$ apt upgrade

Step 2: Install the necessary packages for the Ubuntu-in-Termux script

You’ll need to install the git package in Termux to clone the script from GitHub. Use the following command to install git:

$ apt install git

Step 3: Clone the Ubuntu-in-Termux script from GitHub

$ git clone 
$ ls

Check that the script has been downloaded by using the ls command. You should see a directory named ubuntu-in-termux that contains the script.

Step 4: Navigate to the ubuntu-in-termux directory using the cd command

$ cd ubuntu-in-termux

Here you’ll find a bash script file named Run this file using the following commands:

$ chmod +x $ ./

Step 5: Start Ubuntu by running the following command

$ ./

Enjoy using Ubuntu in Termux! Share this guide with your community to help make it easier for others to install Ubuntu on their Android devices.


In conclusion, this guide provided step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing Ubuntu in Termux using the MFD Gaming script. While there are alternative methods for installing Ubuntu on your Android device, Termux makes it easy for beginners to use PC software on their mobile devices.

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