Truecallerjs  ☎️ Mobile Number Information Gathering Tool in Termux

Hello Friends, I Ankush Welcome you all to our new article, and today we are going to discuss Mobile Number Information Gathering Tool. Every mobile phone user contains a mobile number, so we can use truecallerjs to get some information about the user. In cybersecurity, minor information can hack anyone, so we need to get information as much we can get.

Introduction to Truecallerjs

Truecallerjs is a JavaScript module used to information gathering of any mobile user. It provides us user information from True caller database. So there is no chance of wrong information.

Truecallerjs in Termux

Truecallerjs is one of the best information gathering tool & we can download it easily in Termux using few given below:-

$ apt update 

$ apt upgrade 

$ apt install nodejs

$ npm install-g truecallerjs 

Hurry! We have successfully installed truecallerjs in Termux.

How to use truecallerjs?

After successfully installed, we need to log in to Truecallerjs because it works with the True caller database.

$ truecallerjs login

Now here you need to enter your mobile number & OTP to log in.

$ truecallerjs -s mobile_number –text

The above command is used for information gathering of any mobile number. It provides a lot of details about the victim.


In this article, we have discussed the Mobile information-gathering tool in Termux. It is easy to use the tool & it will give us a lot of information about the victim’s mobile number.

For more articles related to Termux also visit our website & enjoy your happy journey in hacking.

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