Money View Loan Review: Real or Fake

Do you need a reliable instant online loan app to pay for personal costs or deal with urgent or emergency situations? The Money View App is one of the best and most reliable real loan apps out there. With over 12,000 crores in Money View Loans given to more than 3 crores of users, the Money View App has made a name for itself as a safe and easy way to get quick cash.

In this detailed MONEY VIEW LOAN REVIEW, we’ll look at the app’s features, qualifying requirements, loan interest rates, and the process for applying for a loan so that you can make an informed choice.

Review of Money View Loan, Money View Loan Specifics

Money View App has personal loans that range from 5,000 to 5,00,000, so it can be used for a wide range of financial needs. Let’s look at the most important parts of Money View Loan:

  • Interest Rate on a Money View Loan
    Money View Personal Loans have interest rates that start at 1.33% per month, which makes them a competitive and appealing choice for people who want to borrow money.
  • Fees for getting a loan
    Money View App charges a fee of 2% of the amount of the loan that is accepted to process the loan. This one-time charge is made when the loan is paid out.
  • Tenure (Length of the Loan)
    Money View App loans can be paid back over up to 60 months, which gives users the freedom to choose a plan that works for their finances.
  • Minimum income per month
    For a Money View Loan, salaried applicants need to make at least Rs. 13,500 per month, while self-employed candidates need to make at least Rs.15,000.
  • Check if you’re eligible
    Money View App’s check for loan approval only takes 2 minutes, so users can quickly find out if they can get a loan.

How Does Money View Loan App Work?

Money View is an online loan app from an NBFC that is registered with the RBI. It offers personal loans from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 5 lakh. The criteria for eligibility are based on things like income, credit score, and job position. Borrowers can choose a loan term that works for them, from 3 months to 60 months.

Money View: How Do I Get a Loan?

Getting a personal loan from Money View App is easy and can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Use the Google Play Store to get the Money View app.
  • Register by giving your cell phone number and other required information.
  • For proof, enter the number on your PAN card.
  • Check if you are eligible by telling us your name, age, income, and where you work.
  • Choose the loan amount and how long you want to pay it back.
  • Put up the necessary files.
  • Fill out the loan application process online.
  • Wait for the review of the loan.
  • As soon as the loan is accepted, the money will be sent to your account within 24 hours.

Money View Loan Rate of Interest and Fees

Money View App offers personal loans with interest rates that are very low and start at 1.33 percent per month. Also, there is a one-time loan handling fee of 2% of the amount of the loan that has been approved. This fee is charged when the loan is paid out. If you don’t pay your EMIs on time, Money View will add 2% per month to the amount you owe. A penalty of Rs. 500 is charged each time an EMI check bounces.

There are no cancellation fees with Money View Loans, which is a great thing. This means that borrowers can pay back their loans early without having to pay extra fees.

Money View Loan Qualifications and Age Limits

To get a personal loan from Money View App, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Between 21 and 57 years old.
  • Minimum Income: Rs. 13,500+
  • Salary or self-employed are the two types of jobs.
  • Minimum Credit Score: 600+
  • Check to see if you can get a loan: Done in 2 minutes
  • The application process for a loan only needs a few things, like an Aadhaar card, a PAN card, a mobile number, a bank account, and a selfie.

Is Money View Loan a real loan or a scam?

Money View App is a reliable online loan app that people trust. It is a non-bank financial company (NBFC) that is listed with the Reserve Bank of India. It follows the lending rules set by the Reserve Bank of India. Money View has become a trusted site for online personal loans with more than 45 million downloads and more than Rs. 12,000 crore in loans paid out.


Money View App is a trustworthy and reliable quick online loan app that makes borrowing money easy. It has become very popular among Indian users because it has low-interest rates, flexible loan terms, and an easy application process.

So, if you need money quickly and want to borrow it easily, you might want to check out the Money View App.

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