How to use the mv command in Termux?

Termux is a mobile application that provides us with an environment of Kali terminal. Like Kali Terminal there are also a lot of commands that we use to communicate with Termux Terminal. Today we are going to learn how to use the mv command in Termux.

mv command in Termux

mv command is used to move a file from one directory to another directory/folder. Here mv refer move.

$ mv file-name Dir-Name

Let’s take an example, I have a file named “hello.txt” in the Termux terminal and I want to move from the home directory to the storage directory. So, I will use the mv command like this:

$ mv hello.txt Storage

In the above example, hello.txt is a file that we want to move and Storage is a directory where we want to move hello.txt

I hope you enjoy this article and understood how to use the mv command in Termux. If you have any further questions just comment below we will resolve that soon. Share it in your community to give us some support.

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