Nar Credit Loan App Review: Scam or Legit


Are you in need of quick cash to cover unexpected expenses? Do you find traditional bank loans too tedious and time-consuming? Look no further than Nar Credit, an online loan app developed and operated by Lakeside Nar Limited.

With Nar Credit, Indian citizens can easily apply for a loan with flexible term structures ranging from 60 days to 365 days. Here’s a comprehensive review of the Nar Credit loan app.

How to Get a Loan with Nar Credit?

Getting a loan with Nar Credit is a breeze. All you need is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Register with your phone number
  2. Fill in your personal information within 5 minutes
  3. Select the loan cycle you need and apply
  4. The system will automatically analyze your credit report and make the loan after approval.

Nar Credit Loan Features

Nar Credit offers loans with a term structure between 60 days to 365 days. Customers can apply for loans up to ₹80,000 with an APR ranging between 17% to 30%. A processing fee of 3% to 5% is also applied, depending on the risk level of each loan.

No Hidden Fees or Transaction Fees

With Nar Credit, customers can rest assured that there are no hidden fees or transaction fees. All fees and charges are formulated upfront, and there are no surprises or additional costs.

Nar Credit Loan Repayment Example

Suppose you borrow a six-month loan of ₹10,000 with an interest rate of 2% per month. The EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) will be ₹1,785.26, and the disbursal amount will be ₹9,700 (₹10,000 – 3% * ₹10,000). The total repayable amount will be ₹10,711.56 (₹1,785.26 * 6), with total interest amounting to ₹711.56 (₹1,785.26 * 6 – ₹10,000). The APR for this loan is 20.22% ((₹711.56 + ₹300) * 2 / ₹10,000).

Why Choose Nar Credit?

  1. Flexible term structures ranging from 60 days to 365 days.
  2. A minimum annual percentage rate (APR) of 17%.
  3. No collateral, no paperwork, and no hidden fees.
  4. Secure, reliable, and transparent.
  5. Nar Credit does not share customer information with any third parties.

Nar Credit Customer Care

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Lakeside Nar Limited via email at

Nar Credit Ratings and Reviews

Nar Credit has received mixed ratings and reviews, with an average rating of 2.5 out of 5. Some customers have reported issues with unauthorized loan processing and fraud, while others have praised the app’s ease of use and quick loan processing.


Nar Credit loan app is a convenient and simple way for Indian citizens to get online loan services. With flexible term structures and transparent fees and charges, Nar Credit is a viable alternative to traditional bank loans.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the mixed ratings and reviews and take the necessary precautions to protect your personal and financial information.

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