Nikto Tool in Termux & Kali Linux | Nikto Commands | How to use Nikto?

Nikto is one of the best open-source tools written in Perl. It is a web server scanner tool used to find bugs or vulnerabilities. Nikto tool scans and its easy-to-use interface can help a lot if you are a beginner. Nikto tool comes with some unique features given below:

  • Easily updatable
  • Output report in text and HTML format
  • Checks General and specific software
  • SSL Support
  • Proxy Support
  • Cookie Support

Nikto Tool Installation in Termux

Nikto is the best tool for web application scanning and if you want to use this tool in termux, you have to run some commands in your termux terminal.

$ apt update && apt upgrade

apt update command is used to update your termux packages. apt upgrade command is used to install and upgrade new packages.

$ apt install git perl

apt install git Perl command will download git and Perl packages in your termux.

$ git clone

git clone command is used to import files from GitHub.

$ cd nikto

cd command is used to change the directory/folder.

$ chmod +x *

chmod +x * command is used to give read write & execution permission to all files in a folder.

$ perl -h

perl -h command will show you the nikto tool help manual. It will help you to see all information about the nikto tool and its features.

Nikto Tool Installation in Kali Linux

Nikto tool is pre-installed in Termux. If you want to install the nikto tool in Termux then you can use a simple command given below.

$ sudo apt install nikto

Now you can enjoy the Nikto tool’s latest version in your Kali Linux Terminal.

How to use Nikto Tool?

Nikto is one of the best web scanning tools. If you want to use this tool then you have to use a simple command like the given below.

$ nikto -h ip-address or domain-name

Let’s consider an example. I want to scan a server with IP address So, I will use the nikto tool like the given.

$ nikto -h

Suppose we want to scan a website with the web address then I will use the nikto tool as given.

$ nikto -h

I hope you have understood How to use and install the nikto tool in Kali Linux and Termux. If you have any further queries then leave a comment below this article.


How to use nikto in Termux?

$ nikto -h ip-address or domain-name

How long does a Nikto scan take?

It fully depends on your internet connection and system performance.

How much does nikto cost?

Nikto is a free and open-source tool used for web server scanning.

How to update nikto in Kali?

$ sudo apt install nikto

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