How do I open a sh file in Termux?

Hello Friends, Today we will learn How to open a sh file in Termux? 

If you are a Termux user then you have seen a .sh file when downloading any tool from GitHub. But you don’t know how to run a .sh file in Termux and what .sh refers to.

Without wasting more time let’s learn about the .sh file. 

.sh is a file extension used in Bash/Shell Scripting files. These files are used to write a script for any specific program. 

You don’t need any package to run .sh files because these files run with the help of the bash package which comes pre-installed in Termux and Kali Linux.

So, if you want to run any bash/shell script file then you can use the shared command.

$ bash

Let’s take an example and learn more about bash script files.

We have a script file named and we want to run this file to perform an automated action.

So, we can use the bash command like this:

$ bash

I hope you like the information given in this article. If you have any further queries then just comment we will reply immediately.

How do I open a sh file in Termux?

$ bash

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