Phonesploit in Termux – Best Android Hacking Tool in Termux

Hello Friends, I Ankush Welcome you all in my new article and today I will discuss about Phonesploit tool. It is a tool used to remotely hack anyone Android Mobile.

Phonesploit in Termux

What is Phonesploit?

Phonesploit is a tool written in Python 3 used for remote access of android devices. If you want to hack anyone device remotely then it can be a good choice. It is one of the best tool that hacker used to hack anyone Android Mobile.We can use Phonesploit in all rooted and non-rooted devices. You can exploit any android device with just an IP address.

Features Of Phonesploit

• Screen record victim device

• Screenshot access of victim device

• Turn victim device off

• Can Uninstall an app

• Show real-time login of the victim device

• Run an app

• Turn on-off WiFi

• Remove Password

• Extract apk from app

• Get Battery Status

• Get Current Activity

How to install Phonesploit in Termux?

Firstly you need to reset your Termux or download it again from Termux official website/ F-droid. After Completing Installation Follow all commands given below:-

$ apt update && apt upgrade 

$ pkg install git

$ pkg install python

$ pkg install openssl-tool 

$ pkg install wget 

$ pip install colorama 

$ git clone 

$ cd Termux-ADB 

$ chmod 777

$ bash 

$ cd $HOME 

$ git clone 

$ cd PhoneSploit 

$ python

How to open Phonesploit?

After successful installation of Phonesploit. We can open Phonesploit by using $ python this command. Phonesploit works with the IP address of the victim’s Android device to get remote access to that device.


In this article we have discussed Phonesploit in Termux it is the best tool for Android Hacking. If you like this article then share it with others and also check out our other articles related to Termux.

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