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Hello Friends, In Today’s article I will share a lot of stuff about PhoneSploit. Many people think PhoneSploit is a Hacking Tool but it is a simple python script. We can access any one Android phone using it but physically not remotely.

Let’s talk about PhoneSploit in detail and know more about how PhoneSploit really works.

Introduction to PhoneSploit

PhoneSploit is a tool that remotely controls a mobile phone but it is not true. This work uses Android debugging that helps you to control your mobile phone. PhoneSploit has written in Python3 such that you have no need to install a lot of packages. Here are some cool features of PhoneSploit:-

  • Access Shell
  • Screen record victim device
  • Screenshot a picture on the victim’s device
  • Pull folders from the victim’s device
  • Turn victim device off
  • Uninstall an app
  • Show a real-time log of the victim’s device
  • Dump system info
  • List all apps on the victim
  • Run an app
  • Port Forwarding
  • NetStat
  • Grab wpa_supplicant
  • Turn WiFi On/Off
  • Show Mac/Inet
  • Remove Password
  • Extract apk from app
  • Use Keycode
  • Get Battery Status
  • Get Current Activity

PhoneSploit in Termux

Let’s talk about the installation of Phonesploit in Termux. You need to follow some commands given below.

$ apt update
$ apt upgrade 
$ apt install git
$ apt install python3
$ apt install wget
$ git clone
$ cd PhoneSploit
$ wget && bash
$ python3

Now you can enjoy using PhoneSploit in your Termux. Here you need to connect a device to access that device with an IP address. You can watch the video to know how to use PhoneSplot or can read its working below.

PhoneSploit in Kali Linux

Here are some common commands you need to use you install PhoneSploit in Kali Linux.

$ sudo su
$ apt-get update
$ apt-get upgrade
$ apt install git python3
$ apt install adb
$ git clone
$ cd PhoneSploit
$ python3

How to use Phonesploit?

  1. Open your Android Mobile Setting. Go to the about us section in Setting.
  2. Go to System Information & click on Build Number 7 to 8 times.
  3. Now your Developer Option will be enabled.
  4. Search for Debugging & enable USB debugging.
  5. Connect your android mobile & Laptop through a USB cable.
  6. Now run the PhoneSploit tool & Enter the IP addresses of that android mobile that you connected through a USB cable.
  7. Now you can control your Android mobile from your Kali or Termux Terminal.

Final Words

I hope you liked our Information related to PhoneSploit. If you like it share it with your friends & for have any questions regarding Ethical Hacking & Termux just comment now.

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