How to write a program in Termux?

Want to learn to program in Termux? Today we will learn about how we can program in Termux.

First of all download Termux from its official website or Fdroid. If you download it from the play store then you will face problems.

Open Termux and Update & Upgrade it using the command given.

$ apt update && apt upgrade 

You need to install the nano editor in Termux using the given command.

$ apt install nano

Consider we want to create a python file named the Now you need to file using nano editor with the given command.

$ nano

Nano Editor will be open. Here you need to write your python program.

After completing the program you need to save it using CTRL+X

As we write a python program, we require a python package to run it. Install the python3 package in Termux using the given command.

$ apt install python3

Run your python program using the command given.

$ python3

Similarly, you can write more programs in any programing language.

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