How to write Python code in Termux?

Python is one of the most used programming languages that is used to create ethical hacking tools. If you are using termux then you have to know how to write python in Termux. Python programming is very simple to use in Termux. With some simple requirements, you can easily use Python in Termux and can write your code easily.

Here I have given some simple steps that you need to follow to use Python in Termux:

  • Go to Termux’s official website and download termux latest versions.
  • After successfully installation, open and upgrade and update with given commands.
$ apt update
$ apt upgrade
  • Now you need to install a python3 and nano package with the given command. Nano is a text editor we will use to write our python programs.
$ apt install python3 nano
  • To create a python file run command given below.
$ nano
  • A new window will be open where you need to write your python code. After writing the complete python code save the file with CTRL+X
  • Now on the termux terminal and you need to run a given command to run the saved python file.
$ python3

Now you can easily write and create python code in Termux. If you have any further issues then don’t forget to comment and Share them in your community to support us.

Can I code Python in Termux?

Yes, with the help of nano editor and python3 package we can easily write python code in Termux.

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