Red Hawk in Termux | How to install & use Red Hawk?

Red Hawk All in one tool for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning. It provides a lot of features like ScanWhois Lookup, Geo-IP Lookup, Grab Banners, DNS Lookup, Subnet Calculator, Nmap Port Scan, SubDomain Scanner, Reverses IP Lookup & CMS Detection, Error Based SQLi Scanner, Bloggers View, WordPress Scan, Crawler, MX Lookup, Scan For Everything.

Step 1:- Update and upgrade your termux first.

$ apt update && apt upgrade

Step 2:- Download recommended packages for this tool.

$ apt install git
$ apt install php

Step 3:- Clone the tool Github link given below.

$ git clone

Step 4:- After Successfully Installation the tool Open RED_HAWK named directory using the cd command given below.

$ chmod +x *

Now your tool is successfully installed.

Step 5:- To run the tool we will use the command given below.

$ php rhawk.php

Step6:- Now you will see a new window which means your tool is successfully run.

Use the “help” command to see the command list type in the domain name you want to scan (without HTTP:// OR HTTPS://).

Select whether The Site Runs On HTTPS or not.

Select the type of scan you want to perform Leave the rest to the scanner…….

After Completing Scanning, it will provide you with all the information about a website.

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