Review of Walk Club App: Best Walk & Earn App to Get Free Recharge and Rewards


Walk Club app is a mobile application that rewards users for walking daily. This app is one of the best walks & earn apps of 2023 and provides an opportunity to earn free prepaid recharge, home mini, AirPods, and free OTT subscriptions. The app is designed to keep users motivated to walk more by offering them rewards for their efforts.

How to Sign up and Earn Free Eggs

To get started with Walk Club, download the app from the given link and sign up using your email, phone number, name, and referral code (NWQU). After completing the signup process, you can start earning free eggs by walking and redeeming them for prepaid recharges. The app provides daily flash sales worth Rs.10 recharge and Rs.50 recharge is available at 1 egg.

Level and Shoes

To earn more eggs, users can increase their levels by referring friends to the Walk Club app. Shoes can also be purchased with eggs, and daily eggs can be obtained with shoes. Recharges are available for Rs.50 for Level 2+ users. To attain Level 2, users must refer at least two friends.


In conclusion, Walk Club is a great app for people who want to earn rewards while staying active. By walking daily, users can earn free prepaid recharge and other rewards. The app is easy to use, and the signup process is simple. Overall, Walk Club is one of the best walks & earn apps of 2023, and it is definitely worth trying.

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