Saycheese in Termux | Best Camera Hacking Tool

Hacking photos of a person is too easy. Just with a link, you can click hundred of live photos at once. There are a lot of tools used for Camera Phishing. I will also share a tool like these that is Saycheese. It is an easy-to-use tool that will help you to know the concept of Phishing and how a single link click can hack anyone’s camera. Without wasting much time let’s move toward the installation of Saycheese in Termux or another Kali Distro.

Saycheese is a phishing tool used to hack a camera by sending a link. When any user clicks on the link after that there will be asked about camera permission. Once a user Allows camera permission, it starts clicking photos and clicking photos until the user closes the link. Hackers have to access all these photos in their terminals. So, Hackers can easily see them.

Here are some steps you need to follow to install SayCheese in Termux or any other Kali Distro.

STEP-1: Update and Upgrade Termux.

$ apt update && apt upgrade

STEP-2: Install the required packages for the Saycheese Tool.

$ apt install git

STEP-3: After completing the Installation, run the ls command then you can see a SayCheese directory or folder. Just Open it.

$ git clone
$ ls 
$ cd saycheese

STEP-4: Now you can see file. Run this file with the help of bash. It will automatically install all requirements for SayCheese.

$ bash

Hurry! we have successfully installed Saycheese in our Termux and other Kali Distro. Now create a phishing link and send it to your friends. After some time when your friend opens the link then all live photos will be shared in your terminal.

I hope you all enjoyed this Saycheese tutorial. For more hacking stuff you can join our telegram channel. Also, comment if you are getting any problems regarding Ethical Hacking. Wish you all to best of luck in your hacking journey.

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