Seeker – Best Mobile Location Hacking Tool in Termux

 Seeker – Best Mobile Location Hacking Tool in Termux | Hack Girlfriend Phone Location


Hello Friends, I Ankush welcome you all to our blog. In today’s article, we will discuss Seeker Tool in Termux. Seeker is the best mobile location hacking tool used by hackers to hack anyone’s point location.

Seeker - Best Mobile Location Hacking Tool in Termux

What is Seeker?

Seeker is a Python coded location hacking tools based on social Engineering. When you send a Link to victim this Tool capture public IP location of victim mobile. Seeker is a easy to use and accurate location tracking tool.

How to download Seeker in Termux?

Firstly download termux latest version from F-droid. Follow the commands given below to download Seeker in Termux:

$ apt update && apt upgrade
$ apt install git python
$ git clone
$ cd seeker
$ bash

How to use Seeker in Termux?

After completing the download use the $ python command to run it.
Now you have to open a new terminal to download

apt install nodejs & npm install -g ngrok and run ngrok http 8080
Turn On your hotspot and you will get a link after that.
Send this link to victim & you will get his accurate location when victim click on the link.



In this article we have discussed about Seeker Tool. If you want more Ethical hacking tools check out our blog now…

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