How to install shark in Termux? | Shark Best Phishing Tool

A shark is a tool that will help you do phishing in an advanced way, so no one checks and identifies that you are doing phishing. For those people who don’t know about phishing, let me explain “Phishing is the fraudulent attempt at obtaining sensitive information or data, including usernames, passwords, and credit card details, by disguising oneself in an electronic communication. Often carried out by email spoofs, instant messages, and text messages, phishing often directs victims to enter personal information at fake websites which match the look and feel of legitimate sites”

I have shared much about Phishing if you want to know more about phishing then you can watch any video on the Internet. Before downloading the Shark tool let’s know how the Shark tool will work. A shark is a phishing tool that contains a lot of pre-customized templates. When a hacker sends a fake webpage link to a user and the user enters his/her details then all details will be shared with the hacker and the user account will be hacked.

Here are the commands you can use to install Shark Phishing Tool in Termux.

$ termux-setup-storage
$ apt update 
$ apt upgrade
$ apt install git
$ git clone
$ ls
$ cd shark
$ ls
$ chmod +x *
$ ./setup
$ shark

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any queries regarding this then you can ask them in the comment section or on the telegram group. Take a look at the amazing articles given below.

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